A number of the trustees of the SST were thrilled to attend the launch of the new “Spencer Steadman Trust Library” at Ark John Keats Academy in Enfield last week, the first ever SST-supported project to have been completed.  


Thanks to the £10,000 support from the Trust a new library has been created within the school, establishing a bright, welcoming, well-stocked learning space for the 1000+ pupils. Trustees Kate Steadman and Hugh Davies joined Nesil Caliskan, Leader of Enfield Council, the revered poet Daljit Nagra, and a representative from Ark, along with a number of students and teachers from the school, at an opening ceremony last Wednesday.


Kate Steadman, Chair of the SST Trust, said: “We set up the Spencer Steadman Trust to reflect Spencer’s strong belief in the importance of education and equal opportunity for all so it is hugely exciting to see that belief so wonderfully brought to life in the modern, inspiring Ark John Keats library. This is the first tangible impact the Trust has had on the world of students around the UK and there will be many more to come. I would like to thank all our supporters without whom this would not be possible and I would like to thank the teachers and students of Ark John Keats for making use of this facility, and bringing its purpose to life.”